Packaging Design Hamilton

The package designers at GraphixFlo have exceptional graphic design skills and years of manufacturing and retail experience. You’ve likely already seen some of our packages in all other major stores. So whether you need a simple barcode label, an eye-catching box, or a unique package design to stand out in a field of competitors, we can do the job.

Food package design

The design of food packaging needs to consider many factors, including the target market, brand consistency, competitor colours, shapes and styles, how products will be displayed on grocery shelves, and the demands of heated or refrigerated storage.

GraphixFlo have been selected by respected brands such as South Cove for their knowledge and creativity. We know the challenges a small business faces when trying to launch a new product, and we’re here to help. So if you’re searching for an experienced and affordable team to assist you, contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss our packaging services.

Over the past few years, GraphixFlo has become increasingly well known for our exceptional packaging design work – both for the quality of our designs, and affordability.